Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this what weight loss is supposed to look like?

Half way through our 12 week weight loss challenge and only one person is on track to meet their goal of 10% weight loss. Three others are nearly on track to meet the goal, and at the current rate on average the group will only lose less than 8%.

Is this fairly common for a group of people losing weight?

Update: Final Stats - 3 people reached the goal of 10% weight loss in 12 weeks. The average weekly weight loss was 2.1 lb for the 3 winners and .6 lb for the 4 individuals who failed to meet their goal.

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  1. You should be losing from 1 to 2 lbs a week, unless you are extremely overweight. (Check with your Dr.) You need to have an idea of your percent body fat to determine if your weight loss goals are meaningful. For example, I am male, weigh 165 lbs and have 11% body fat, which means I only have ~18 lbs of fat on my body. So it is unreasonable (and unsafe) for me to try to lose 18 lbs.

    Losing ~1.5 lbs a week is a good pace, in my experience. More than 2 lbs a week and you risk malnutrition. (Again, check with your Dr.)